Habits of the Elite 800+ Club

Habits of the Elite 800+ Club Have you ever wondered what you can do to join and maintain an 800+ credit score? Are you aware of all the benefits of being apart of the elite club of consumers? Building and maintaining an excellent credit score is may not be as hard as you may think,…

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Credit Inquiries

Credit Inquiries – Hard Inquiry vs Soft Inquiry

Credit Inquiries and Their Purpose There are two types of Credit Inquiries… Hard Inquiries, which can lower your credit score and Soft Inquiries, which don’t show on your credit report that lenders view. It’s important to know the difference between the two, as to many inquiries can potentially harm your credit score, lenders will also…

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How To Get a Loan With Bad Credit

How to get a loan with low credit scores A low credit score can be a big setback in getting approved for a loan. If you have a not-so-fair financial history or if you are trying to build your report for the first time, it might be a little difficult for you to get cash.…

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Banks VS Credit Unions… Where to Keep Your Money

Should I keep my money at the Bank or with a Credit Union? Banks vs Credit Unions… With all the media covering the banking scandals, people are asking, where should I keep my money? In a Bank or a Credit Union. The answer isn’t always simple, Credit Unions are AMAZING and I have accounts with…

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CPN Number for Credit Repair- Is it Legal?

  There are some major misconceptions about CPN Numbers. What is a CPN Number? It’s a Credit Protection Number and yes, there are legal reasons why someone (mostly a multi-millionaire or celebrity) would need one. In most cases, CPN Numbers are used for illegal purposes like Credit Repair Scams. If you hear someone trying to sell…

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Building Credit

Building Credit With BAD or NO CREDIT

Building Credit with Bad or No Credit It’s one of those baffling questions that lingers to haunt us when it seems there is no hope, how on earth do you get good credit when no one will even approve you! It’s kind of an oxymoron type of situation, that we’ve actually dedicated our career to finding…

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Are Debt Collection Fees Illegal? FDCPA Section 1692

    Debt Collection Fee’s Legal? For years debt collection agencies have been breaking laws, hurting consumers and devastating credit scores. But what you might not know is that a lot of their practices may not be legal under the FDCPA. FDCPA and Your Rights The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was created for the…

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Spending More Then You Make

Spending More Then You Make If you are finding yourself spending more money then you bring to the table; you are not alone. The American consumer is finding themselves putting out more then they are bringing in, creating a crisis in rising debt with credit card lenders, student loans, and even medical bills. So who’s to blame…

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Pay Debts

Fastest Way To Improve Your Credit – How To Pay Debts

  Quickest Way to Increase Your Credit Score & How To Pay Debts Fastest Way To Improve Your Credit Score Most often, clients believe that as long as they pay debts and/or debt collectors they will see a drastic increase in their credit score…this is an absolutely FALSE misconception. What if I told you that…

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How to Remove ALL Inquiries from Transunion in 20 minutes or less

  DO IT YOURSELF TRANSUNION INQUIRIES REMOVAL Not to long ago TransUnion had a server error, where the company had deleted a ton of inquiries from consumer credit reports, then proceeded to reinsert those inquiries BACK to the consumer credit reports! Now, heres the deal, TransUnion failed to follow the LEGAL procedure to actually do so!…

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