DIY repair

Three Reasons to Hire a Professional & Avoid DIY Repair

There’s a reason why you may have or are looking to hire a credit professional to clean up your credit profile, whether it’s because pesky creditors who have your phone ringing off the hook, or maybe you have just been denied and can’t find the time in your busy schedule to repair your own derogatory accounts. Whatever the reason being, you are ready to take the next step into a brighter and more secure financial future.

Three Reasons to Hire a Professional & Avoid DIY Repair

It’s Not As Easy As They Make It Seem

Often times you’ll see credit bureaus advertise for DIY credit repair directly through their business, and a lot of the time, they advertise it for free. Seems legit right? Think again.. Credit bureaus only give but one option for disputing, and that option is done only online. Online disputing is always a bad idea, it just creates an easier avenue for creditors to overlook your dispute request and generate an automated response, most often times denying your request for removal.

Time Consuming

Hiring a professional can save A LOT of your time. Credit repair is not as easy as it may seem, often times resulting in lengthy phone calls to creditors, custom disputes depending on your needs, and a ton of research to keep up to date on current and changing laws surrounding credit reporting. With this being said, we have created a system in which we manually handle every dispute the comes across our desk, and personally send each and every one sealed and delivered via mail and sometimes even certified depending on the needs.

 Tricks to the Trade

The difference between DIY and a professional can really define your deletion ratio. It’s as simple as this; we eat, sleep, and breathe credit. As a company, we have put and still continue to put tireless hours dedicated to credit and the laws surrounding it.We don’t expect you to know every single law when it comes to the FCRA, but we sure do expect ourselves too!

“Do it yourself” credit repair is by no means impossible, but is time consuming and in all honesty, not as easy as it may seem. There are many different avenues to take when you are not using a professional, and some of them can be misleading, guiding your efforts towards a dead end. Of course, we always recommend hiring a professional to help with your credit restoration, but it is highly advised that you do your research on a company before you decide to hire them, making sure they have all the right credentials to get the job done right.